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Why Solar Lead Generation Can Be Challenging

Let's face it. The solar industry is competitive and getting more crowded every day. That's why generating profitable solar leads can be a daunting task. Here are the top three challenges faced by solar companies trying to generate leads online:

  • Bad Leads: Many solar lead generation companies sell the same lead to multiple solar companies at once.
  • Expensive Leads: Exclusive solar leads can be costly and eat into profit margins.
  • Wrong Leads: Don't spend money educating tire-kickers. It's important to generate leads from real buyers.

Whether you have been trying to generate leads on your own, buying solar leads, or have hired an ad agency, we can help you turn the corner to profitability.

Here's why solar companies use DevWatt Digital Marketing for expert solar lead generation:

1.) We Don't Sell Leads

Unlike many lead generation companies that sell bad solar leads, we help our clients generate their own leads through expert digital advertising campaigns. Our team has over two decades of energy and digital advertising experience, so we can help you dial-in your advertising efforts.

2.) We Understand Customer Acquisition Cost

We know that you need to acquire new solar customers at a certain price point in order to be profitable. Let's face it, you have overhead, sales commissions, and other fixed costs to cover. Your customer acquisition costs need to be precise in order to grow a profitable solar company.

3.) We Get The Right Message In Front Of The Right Prospects

Stop wasting time advertising to prospects who aren't serious about installing a solar system. We know how to utilize machine learning and keyword intent in order to put your ads in front of the right audience. Start generating leads from prospects that are ready to buy.

Start Generating Profitable Solar Leads Today

Want to learn more about how DevWatt Digital Marketing can help your solar lead generation efforts? Our team of marketing and digital advertising experts will be happy to review your goals and strategies to help you devise a plan that generates results. Contact us today to schedule an online meeting and free consultation.

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